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Fórum para discussão, troca de informações e experiências entre os leitores e aficcionados pela série Wheel of Time (A Roda do Tempo) de Robert Jordan.


 SPOILERS!! - Waygate Foundantion: Perguntas e Respostas sobre a Enciclopédia Wheel of Time

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Leandro Seia Doon

Leandro Seia Doon

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SPOILERS!! - Waygate Foundantion: Perguntas e Respostas sobre a Enciclopédia Wheel of Time Empty
MensagemAssunto: SPOILERS!! - Waygate Foundantion: Perguntas e Respostas sobre a Enciclopédia Wheel of Time   SPOILERS!! - Waygate Foundantion: Perguntas e Respostas sobre a Enciclopédia Wheel of Time EmptySeg Jun 10, 2013 4:41 pm

Caros amigos,

Como sugerido em nossa querida comunidade do Facebook, abro este tópico para colocar uma matéria veiculada no site da Waygate Foundation, uma entidade sem fins lucrativos dedica à arrecadação de fundos e ao engajamento de autores e fãs de ficção científica e fantasia em causas filantrópicas ao redor do globo (não sou eu quem está dizendo; esta definição dada por eles próprios em seu site).

Como parte de um trabalho para ajudar o programa Worldbuilders, de Patrick Rothfuss (sim, ele mesmo, o autor de Em Nome do Vento, entre outros), a Fundação coletou diversas dúvidas de fãs de Wheel of Time, selecionou algumas delas, e pediu aos curadores da obra de Robert Jordan a enorme gentileza de responder tais dúvidas, sendo bem provável que várias dessas respostas sejam inseridas no futuro conteúdo da famosa e muito aguardada Enciclopédia de A Roda do Tempo.

A matéria original pode ser lida clicando aqui. De toda forma, e resguardando todos os créditos da Waygate Foundation e do Team Jordan pela iniciativa, colarei o conteúdo integral da página aqui, exclusivamente por motivos de referência e para preservar as informações caso um dia a matéria saia do ar!

O texto está totalmente em Inglês e - acho que nem precisava dizer isso, mas nunca é demais lembrar - está REPLETO de spoilers! Então, nobres coleguinhas que não terminaram a série (mesmo você que está a um capítulo do fim do AMoL!!), LEIAM POR SUA CONTA E RISCO, OK??

Em tempo: quando possível, tentarei traduzir as questões e as respectivas respostas, no intuito de ajudar aqueles que não dominam o Inglês! Very Happy


Q: Will the encyclopedia be written in a way that someone reading the series the first time can reference it without learning spoilers? That was the hardest thing for me first time through.
A: No, I don’t think so. If we are to avoid spoilers, it would require Rand’s entry to say “A young man from the Two Rivers, the son of Tam and Kari al’Thor.” Anything else would spoil The Eye of the World. And it would only get worse from there. We wouldn’t even be able to reference Asmodean’s death, because his dying is a spoiler for The Fires of Heaven.

Q: Will The Wheel of Time universe become open source? Meaning will people be allowed to write stories with approval from Harriet and team Jordan?
A: No, The Wheel of Time universe will not become open source.

Q: At a book signing the other day Brandon said that there would be no more books written, prequels, sequels etc. He said that the only extra book would be this updated encyclopedia. Will all the characters bios include what happened before and after the WOT series?
A: Some characters bios will contain more information about a character’s history. For the most part, they will not contain what happened to them after the end of A Memory of Light. Robert Jordan is on record as having no intention of wrapping things up neatly for all characters. As a fan myself, I like this, because it means that in my own mind, the character that I loved can live on happily forever, and the characters that I hate can suffer woefully and die painful deaths.

In addition, Robert Jordan’s notes did not have information about what happened to each character before and after the series, and since we at Team Jordan don’t know his thoughts on these things, we are reluctant to just make things up. I would be happy to share my personal imaginings for the characters that I care about, but they are not canon.

Q: Will the Tinkers ever find their song?
A: According to Robert Jordan, no, the Tinkers will never find their song.

Q: Based on the weather of the different lands, it seems like Randland is in the northern hemisphere of the planet. Are there lands to the south of Randland? The Seanchan came from the West across the Aryth Ocean — is Shara on their western border?
A: There is a map of the whole world of The Wheel of Time in The World of Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time; it shows Randland to be almost totally in the northern hemisphere, with a small southern portion of Shara being in the southern hemisphere. Below Randland, at apparently the same longitude though covering a much smaller area, is the Land of Madmen. Seanchan is spread over the northern and southern hemispheres, and on its western border is the Morenal Ocean; that ocean is also the eastern border of Shara.

Q: One that I can’t ever get an answer on: How did Thom know Padan Fain? In The Eye of the World, he says he recognized Fain and he scornfully says Fain “is always one to carry bad news quickly, and the worse, the faster. There’s more raven in him than man.” This implies more than a passing knowledge of the man.
A: Both Padan Fain and Thom Merrilin made their livings by traveling from one small village to another in a reasonably small area. They had simply been in the same village at the same time on multiple occasions. Add to that Thom’s proclivity for collecting information, and you have a very simple explanation.

Q: What are the three oaths which bind Darkfriends?
A: 1) I shall obey all commands given by those placed above me in service to the Great Lord. 2) I shall prepare for the day of the Great Lord’s return. 3) I swear not to betray the Great Lord, to keep my secrets until the hour of my death. It should be noted that these were taken straight from Robert Jordan’s notes, where he had added “May vary the wording a little.”

Q: I realize that the two outrigger novels that Jim had planned won’t be published, but I’m still curious about the story that would take place in them. I’m hoping that the history that would have been contained within those stories (Tam’s life while he was away from The Two Rivers and what led Moiraine and Lan to the Two Rivers) will come to light in the Encyclopedia. Not really a question, but a comment nonetheless!
A: There is a little confusion here: there were two more prequels planned (with the subjects mentioned here), and three outriggers taking place after the Last Battle. We have about two sentences regarding the outriggers. While I promise that the encyclopedia will contain all we know about Moiraine and Tam from Robert Jordan’s notes, he did not leave fleshed-out outlines for the prequels, either, so we can’t promise too much.

Q: Does the dagger from Shadar Logoth have a name besides Mat’s dagger or Fain’s dagger? (referring to an AOL interview from so very long ago where someone referred to it as Shadar Mandarb.)
A: We could find nothing in the notes referring to the dagger as such, but I seem to have a vague memory of at least hearing that phrase before. It does seem to be an apt moniker for it.

Q: Was the Oath Rod, one of the Nine Rods of Dominion? What were the Nine Rods of Dominion? Who were the 17 Generals of Dawns Gate?
A: The Oath Rod was not one of the Nine Rods of Dominion. The Nine Rods of Dominion that Lews Therin summoned were the regional governors of the earth; a rod—but not an Oath Rod—was the symbol of their office. The Seventeen Generals of Dawn’s Gate were a group of military commanders of high rank who led the fight against the Shadow in the War of Power; their names are unknown.

Q: What was the Ring of Tamyrlin – could it have been the twisted stone ter’angreal?
A: The Ring of Tamyrlin was defined in the expanded glossary included in To the Blight (the second half of The Eye of the World repacked for YA readers); it was a legendary ring, believed mythical by most people, worn by the leader of the Aes Sedai during the Age of Legends. Stories about the Ring of Tamyrlin include that it was an angreal or sa’angreal or ter’angreal of immense power. It supposedly was named after the first person to learn how to tap into the Source and channel the One Power, and in some tales, was actually made by that man or woman. It was definitely not the twisted stone ter’angreal.

Q: Trollocs invade the Borderlands pretty regularly. Do they invade from the Blight in the Aiel and Seanchan lands as well?
A: No, they don’t—not much, anyway. The Trollocs call the Waste Djevik K’shar, which means the Dying Ground. Elyas is of the opinion that Trollocs “wouldn’t go a hundred miles into the Waste if all the Myrddraal in the Blight were driving them.” And according to The World of Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time, all of the Trollocs and Myrddraal were completely wiped out in Seanchan during the millennium after the Breaking.

Q: What about the Waygates? If they were tainted by the power were they cleansed when saidin was?
A: No, the Ways were not cleansed when the source was. Robert Jordan said, “It’s like a bacteria breed. Just by cleaning up the chemicals that caused the bacteria to come into existence, unless it’s feeding on that, those chemicals, you are not going to destroy the bacteria. You simply cut off what helped to create it.”

Q: Can someone burned out be healed, be it similar to the severing healing process or not?
A: No, someone who is burned out will stay that way. It cannot be healed.

Q: How did Tam come to have a heron-mark sword?
A: It was given to him by the King of Illian during Tam’s service with the Illianer Companions. We do not know what he did to become a blademaster.

Q: Robert Jordan at one point said that Beidomon had been born again and was out and about currently. (I know this was during the time of his Blog, while I was on Wotmania, so it’s been impossible for me to find the actual comment.) I always assumed he was Bayle Domon (B.domon), but that seems almost too blatant to me. IS he Bayle, or is he someone else, completely unimportant? (Wouldn’t it be working on his Karmic balance, helping Egeanin/Leilwin to help with the Last Battle, to help make up for what he did previously?)
A: I could only find two quotes where Robert Jordan spoke of Beidomon and his possible appearance in the current age. In the first, he confirmed that Beidomon was not Mordeth, and in the second, when asked if Beidomon was someone in the current Age, he answered “RAFO.” I have not yet found anything to indicate who—if anyone—Beidomon is in the current Age, but if we come across it buried in the notes, it will be included in the encyclopedia.

Q: Did Jain Charin become a servant of the Shadow in part due to Moiraine having Bonded Lan? He must have felt it a huge betrayal, the last Malkieri king submitting to being Bonded after the White Tower failed to help Malkier. Was he the one to train Isam once he became a Darkfriend?
A: No, he didn’t become a servant of the Shadow because Moiraine bonded Lan. He did not become a servant of the Shadow of his own free will. The Shadow used him and Graendal Compelled him. He did not train Isam.

Q: In LoC, ch 21, “To Shadar Logoth”, Lews Therin whispers to Rand: “There is darkness here. Blackness blacker than black. If the Dark One chose to live among men, he would choose here” and then “I must kill Demandred” to which Rand responds “Does Demandred have some connection to Shadar Logoth?” And LTT says nothing. So…does he? Or is it alluding to the possibility that Barid Bel went seeking a way to defeat the Shadow which ended up in corrupting him in the same way Mordeth was corrupted?
A: I can find nothing relating Demandred to Shadar Logoth; note that after the Demandred bit, Lews Therin starts talking about Ishamael and Lanfear, and doesn’t appear to be answering Rand’s questions at all. I think that it’s safe to assume that Lews Therin is just rambling insanely.

Q: Will there be a list of the prophecies of the dragon and the dark prophecies? Also the other prophecies from the Aiel and the Atha’an Miere?
A: We hope to include the prophecies that we know of; Robert Jordan did not have a complete Prophecies of the Dragon completed—that would have been an entire book in itself. He knew the general gist of the prophecies, and came up with pieces as he needed them.

Q: By the way, was Bael one of the Aiel Clan Chiefs killed?
A: I don’t know. Robert Jordan didn’t say one way or the other. In my own vision of the post Tarmon Gai’don world, he survives and goes on to spoil his twin daughters rotten.

Q: Did Ishamael/Moridin send “Noal” to Mat to kill him, or because he knew Mat would be going to the Tower of Ghenjei, and wanted “Noal” to kill Moiraine (since he knew that she was alive after collecting Lanfear from the ‘Finn.) Reasoning behind the question: In tGH, Moiraine tells Siuan that they are part of the Prophecies, so it would make sense that Ishamael/Moridin would know of Moiraine’s future importance (since he’s an “expert” on all the various prophecies) and seek to have her killed (the draghkhar attack in tDR, “Noal” going to the ToG as an assassin, etc.)
A: No, Ishamael/Moridin did not send Noal to Mat, either to kill him or to kill Moiraine. Someone else sent Noal to Ebou Dar for other purposes, and he found Mat more or less by accident.

Q: Who will do the artwork? And: Will the artwork be reviewed by anyone from Team Jordan before use?
A: No decision has been made yet about who is doing any artwork; it will be reviewed by Team Jordan before use.

Q: Just to clear it up, cause I really dislike arguing with people: just to have it out there, in big BOLD letters: Brandon did confirm in his January 2013 Twitter chat that Hopper was “the Broken Wolf, whom Death has known”, yes? (“The Broken Wolf was Perrin’s spirit guide.”) Because this one aggravates me almost as much as Olver/Gaidal Cain and Taimandred, especially when people insist it was Rodel Ituralde.
A: Yes, Hopper was “the Broken Wolf, whom Death has known.”

"Till shade is gone, till water is gone, into the Shadow with teeth bared, screaming defiance with the last breath, to spit in Sightblinder’s eye on the last Day."
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SPOILERS!! - Waygate Foundantion: Perguntas e Respostas sobre a Enciclopédia Wheel of Time
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